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My name is Nathan Bell, I’ve been a guitar player, songwriter, and journalist for over 45 years. And, starting today, I’ll be the voice of ToneWords, the official ToneWoodAmp blog.

Full disclosure. I was one of the first writers to review the ToneWoodAmp in a major music publication. Acoustic Guitar Magazine asked me to take a look at The ToneWoodAmp and decide, in their own words, “if it was a legitimate tool for acoustic guitarists.”

To be honest, I didn’t expect much.

I’ve never been more wrong.

I’ve been a professional guitar player for over 40 years. I’ve seen a lot of effects pedals, smart amplifiers, and interfaces for acoustic guitar come and go without adding anything to enhance the actual playing experience. The ToneWoodAmp, with its extraordinary technology, proved me wrong in every way.

In fact, after a short period with the TWA I was convinced that this was more than a technical achievement. This was actually a device that allowed any acoustic musician (yes, you can use the ToneWoodAmp with other acoustic instruments and we will discuss that in future blogs) the ability to expand their voice. It was equally useful for the two-hand tapper’s orchestral arrangements and the contemplative songwriter searching for the perfect combination of sound and poetry.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to communicate the ToneWoodAmp mission, which is all about the creative process. The cool technology is always there, but the future promises more ways for creators to express themselves.

I will use this space to bring you artist profiles, tips and tricks for using the ToneWoodAmp, news of technical advances, and to let you know about promotions and special events.

And talking about special events, Summer NAMM 2108 Nashville begins in Nashville this week, and what better place to start your journey into a new way of hearing the acoustic guitar? I’ll be blogging live from the NAMM floor on Friday and Saturday and I hope you’ll come find me and say hello. Tell me why you love the ToneWoodAmp. Come listen to some of today’s most creative players.

You’ll be inspired.

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Summer NAMM Schedule

ToneWoodAmp Booth #1301

Thursday, June 28th

11 AM- Jake Allen

12 PM- Mike Dawes

1 PM- Cenk Erdogan

2 PM- Larry Mitchell

Friday, June 29th

11 AM- Cenk Erdogan

12 PM- Mike Dawes

1 PM- Kent Blazy (live streamed on Facebook)

3 PM- Monty Montgomery (live streamed on Facebook)

4 PM- Keaton Simons

Saturday, June 30th

11 AM- Cenk Erdogan

12 PM- Karla Davis

1 PM- Mike Dawes

2 PM- Keaton Simons

3 PM- Larry Mitchell

TWA on the road