ToneCare Premium Protection

ToneCare Premium Protection
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Satisfaction Guarantee - 60 Days Return Policy

ToneCare provides peace of mind. It is our Premium Accidental Damage Service and Repair coverage that kicks in the day you receive your ToneWoodAmp and covers repair or replacement of your ToneWoodAmp after our standard manufacturer warranty has expired (after 1-year). On top of extending our manufacturer warranty by 1 year (or 2 years via ToneCare+), it covers the costs of shipping and repair/replacement and adds one instance of accidental damage* coverage, which isn't included with the standard limited warranty. ToneCare is fully refundable within 60-Days if you change your mind.

Coverage options:

  • ToneCare - 2 Year Extended Warranty ($29)
  • ToneCare+ (Plus) - 3 Year Extended Warranty ($49)

ToneCare for ToneWoodAmp
Every ToneWoodAmp comes with a one-year limited warranty. ToneCare extends your coverage to two (or three) years and adds one incident of accidental damage* coverage, (subject to $29 service fee plus applicable tax). In addition, you'll get priority access to ToneWoodAmp experts via chat and phone.

What is included:
Hardware Support
ToneCare provides extended repair or replacement coverage (even if you break it!), both for parts and labor. Service coverage includes the ToneWoodAmp and the included 1/4" cable. With ToneCare you will also get:
  • Priority access to ToneWoodAmp experts via chat or phone.
  • Express Replacement Service & Prepaid Mail-in replacement service:
    • To cut down on your turnaround time, we will send you a replacement ToneWoodAmp immediately after your case is reviewed by our support member (Unless you prefer otherwise)
    • After receiving the replacement unit, you will be able to mail in your other ToneWoodAmp using a Prepaid shipping box and label provided by us.
Software Support
You get direct access to ToneWoodAmp experts for questions on a wide range of topics, including:
  • Configuring the ideal settings for your guitar(s) and playing style
  • Using and modifying effects
  • Connecting to iDevices
  • Help with updates and new features
  • What you should have for dinner tonight... :-)
  • ToneCare can be purchased any time during the 1st year of limited Warranty.
  • ToneCare is fully refundable if purchased during the first 60 days return policy of your ToneWoodAmp. 
Important notes
To enjoy the full benefits of ToneCare you must purchase ToneCare online with your new ToneWoodAmp. Waiting Period: If you purchased ToneCare after the day of your ToneWoodAmp purchase, accidental damage coverage will not be applicable for the first 90 days of purchase of coverage

*Accidental damage doesn't include liquid, sand, or acid damage. 
Each repair is subject to evaluation. 
*ToneCare is not applicable for ToneWoodAmps purchased from other outlets.


Based on 199 reviews
Absolutely Ingenious

This certainly stands as one of the finest and most innovative musical products to hit the market in twenty years! My needs are simple, and the Tonewood covers all the bases completely and thoroughly. If and when I need more, it will be there for me. I now have everything I need in a powerful package that totally delivers! Could've spent more money buying an acoustic guitar amp, and the Tonewood eliminates that necessity.

Tonewood for Tenor Guitar

Absolutely in love with it. I have a short scale parlour size tenor guitar tuned GCEA ukulele tuning and it sounds a little thin on it's own but with the Tonewood it's like a whole new instrument. Love how the chorus gives it a full bodied sound. There were problems getting the x magnets installed due to the smaller sound hole.I ended up going to a luthier friend who was able to use some hemostats to get the magnets it the proper position. It had to straddle a brace and is just slightly off from the optimal postion but all in all I couldn't be happier with The Tonewood Amp.

I like it a lot would probably rate higher but I am still figuring it all out but live what it do...

Same as above in title

Bought product as a gift-loved it

I personally can not write a review on the product as I am not a guitar player and bought the ToneWood Amp as a gift for my brother. Saw the ad for the product on Youtube and thought it was a great concept and loved the way it made the acoustic guitar sound. I would but it again and my brother loved it as a gift!

Tonewood amp 5 stars

I am not so sure how to put this. It is magical. I would recommend the tonewood amp to anyone. From a beginner to a seasoned pro. Now I don't claim to be a wizard on the guitar but I do know a thing or two. I have this amp on my Zager parlor guitar because it's the one I play most often. The sounds that come out of this guitar now blow my mind. Everyone that has played it can't believe what they are hearing and feeling. Listen if your thinking about buying it just do it. I promise you will not be disappointed. I got nothing for this review. I just want to see someone else enjoy this as much as I do

Actually haven’t used it yet. I have the ToneWood installed on my steel string and have been busy with other projects and hoping to do the install on my nylon string very soon. I’ll let you know. Thanks for an amazing product!


I got 2. For my 2 guitars!

Works great with proper placement

I have one Tonewood Amp and X-braces in 3 acoustic guitars. Works great, but check the bracing pattern and carefully follow the instructions. I have a mini guitar that this one went in, and it is pretty tight in there. Not the full ambient sound of my bigger acoustics, but still works.

I got motivated more

I got motivated more. I will definitely do a video with this and will send to you guys.


Surprisingly very funky and fun. An amazing little contraption.

This is a game-changer

Love it. Have been using it literally everytime I pick up my guitar. Wish I had thought of this idea. Beautiful piece of engineering.

Everything It Claimed To Be

I’m simply thrilled by it! It’s such a unique sound and there are so many possibilities to choose from. I love the sensation of the sound seeming to be all around you as you play. I can’t wait to play it for friends, especially fellow guitarists!

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

4 Acoustics / 1 ToneWood Amp

Changing my acoustics during a set or playing at home with my ToneWood Amp couldn't be easier.
Each of these guitars has its own X-Brace now.
Was wondering if the X-Brace would impede in anyway my acoustics ability to resonate or vibrate when playing sans ToneWood Amp...Happy to say that it hasn't. No worries..
However, playing my acoustic guitars without the ToneWood Amp has not been frequent🤣
Was wondering why each X-Brace comes with an extra set of adhesives for the magnets on the X-Brace...Well, I was wondering how strong those magnets are, and stuck one on to a piece of metal.
Yep...VERY strong. While prying them apart, lost one of the padded adhesives. 😂
Guess everyone does this (even though the warnings disclaimer advises against it) as we are curious beings.
So, very glad that the folks at ToneWood Amps knew this😂😎👍
The folks at ToneWood are real approachable people.
They are happy to answer my questions, which makes me feel pretty great about my acquisition of the ToneWood.
It is a gas!😎👍❤🖖

Additional X-Brace

Additional X-Brace

Amazing sound!

Has really taken my acoustic sounds to a whole new level. I installed everything on the same day to my non-electric acoustic. I put in a K&K Pure Mini pickup, then installed the Tonewood Amp and together they sound awesome. Tonewood was a breeze to install, so glad I bought one!


This is perfect for when leading worship in small groups

Love it

Would buy it again. Easy to install. Sounds great.

Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Everything works great

Works great! Loading and saving is a little complicated, but makes sense after figuring it out. A manual would be really helpful and it did not come with one.

Adds a little sparkle of magic to your acoustic!

Super easy to install, does everything you would expect and has made my Maton sound even better than before which is no mean feat 5 ⭐️

Great customer service

The Fishman pickup didn't fit my acoustic but Dom was so helpful finding one that would. Only negative was having to pay for shipping to return the pickup. But very helpful

worth it!

i tried the twa when it arrived and now can't play my acoustic without it!