Customer Testimonials

“The ToneWoodAmp just makes me wanna play all day. Love the way it makes my guitar sound”

Andy McKee 5stars

“I think it is the single best product add on for the acoustic guitar that I’ve ever encountered.
My favorite thing about it is that you can record with it and you don’t have to add any reverb that might affect the noise floor of the room you’re in. So all the small pops and squeaks–even an arm brushing the top of the guitar–that you hear on a natural acoustic recording aren’t affected. It’s a sound that hasn’t ever been heard before, truly.”
Composer and Guitarist

Kakki King 5stars

“I just wanted to let you know I recorded this tribute to Prince yesterday using my new ToneWoodAmp.
I recorded it with only my iPhone. In the past, I would have had to record the audio with my zoom recorder, mix it in logic to add reverb, and re-sync it to the video.
To be able to just sit down and play something into my phone and post it immediately is a game changer for me.”

Jesse Cook 5stars

“I’ve been practicing a lot with this recently, it makes writing so much more immersive and fun.
The most exciting acoustic guitar accessory since the capo.
The ToneWoodAmp is genuinely my favourite guitar accessory ever.”

Mike Dawes 5stars

ToneWood-Amp , There is no substitute!!! Was also very happy to hear it works equally as well on a carbon fiber (composite) acoustic! Many , Many Thanks!!!

Philip Madden

Technology that enables even a master artist to amaze himself, that is about as impressive as I can imagine

David Place

Folks are always checking out my TWA. I need to get a bunch of brochures to give them. I always take the time to demonstrate my TWA. They all love it. I often wonder how many have actually bought one. I know my best friend from my Navy days jus got his.

“just got his”


I have a thin bodied, classical guitar and I had to hire my 9 year old grand daughter to help install it through the equalizer on the lower bought. Not easy and my 9 try old is now 11 and 1000 miles away. See my dilemma? Use it every day. Play softer music for 3 hours each day in the waiting room at the local hospital. Been playing 59 years and this is the most rewarding. Just reached 1500 hours playing music as a volunteer there.

Steve Andersen

Hello to the entire team at Tonewood – Amp,

I hope this finds you all well… I’m absolutely loving this product sent from the heavens… I am a serious singer / songwriter, producer and engineer… While I was in the studio the other night, I secretky had the Tonewood – Amp fired up and ready to go. A fellow musician has been listening to me ramble on for months about your product.

However, being a skeptical person, he remained reluctant to even try it… Well, I asked him to punch in some voicings using the tibd of my guitar. Let the magic begin. All the while I was wondering if he would notice the Tonewood – Amp adhered via the brilliant “x-brace” magnetic technology. TO MY DELIGHT, HE DID N O T! Which ultimately supported my claims that the Tonewood – Amp is truly by far the most innovative gear for an Acoustic Guitar EVER… PERIOD! With the biggest grin on my face, I could not get him to stop noodling on the guitar. Needless to say, I am very proud to inform you that he literally went online, THAT EVENING, & purchased his very own Tonewood – Amp.

I sincerely endorse and refer this product all the time. Being very fortunate to have worked / work with some incredible musicians, I am trying to help spread the word. Very best regards and sincerely, thank you very, very much !

Brian Allan Bode Owner – Bode Ghost Productions

Bode Ghost Productions

Bought mine 2 weeks ago. It’s like going from B&W TV to Color. Any suggestion on an iPad without breaking the bank?

Victor chamberlin

It’s a LOT of fun and I find it hard to turn off. Both traditional fingerpickers and modern fingerstyle peeps should find this a WANT item.

Thomas Leeb

Last weekend’s Tucson Folk Festival was a huge success. I performed on two different stages with two different bands, and the feedback I got regarding the tone of my acoustic guitar was phenomenal. Countless people came up afterwards to ask “how do you get that great tone?’ so of course I turned the guitar around and showed them my ToneWood Amp. One of the stage managers went nuts for it and I’m pretty sure he must have gone home and ordered one.

The ToneWood Amp made my performances more than special. Thanks for all you folks do at ToneWood, and I look forward to more great ToneWood products in the future.

Dave Lehrman

Take it from me one that has purchased this amazing product it is the greatest product to come out in decades for guitar players. I would reccomend this to anyone thinking of buying one. I got mine installed in about 3 to 5 minutes an was completly blown away by the sound. Its like magic coming out of your guitar. Thanks Tonewood-Amp. Sincerely Brian Jay Moody..!

Brian Jay Moody

I’ve had mine for several days now. As a life-long steel string acoustic guitarist I can say that this is just a truly awesome product. No hype just the real thing. How did I ever do without this? smh!I I also purchased an extra X brace for my travel guitar (beach, BBQ, front porch, gazebo, anywhere …). I will be certainly ordering extra X braces for some of my other electric/acoustics. You guys certainly, absolutely and unequivocally have a winner here.

Claudio González