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“I am pretty critical of gadgets for acoustic guitar. I bought Annalisa’s acoustic panel it was incredibly disappointed. I bought the Fishman aura pedal and it was pretty amazing at modeling other acoustic guitars through digital sampling of them in specific microphones. I also have a TC helicon acoustic play unit for acoustic guitar and vocals. It is pretty amazing too. Although NOTHING I have bought really compares to the ToneWood Amp. ONE HELLUVA lotta fun for something you can take anywhere with your acoustic electric guitar and play with full effects. It does exactly what they say it does. Using a couple of midi apps on my iPhone I can even have strings playing along with me as I sit out on the patio. That to me is absolutely astounding. Before I was only able to achieve that with Godin XTSA (or an electric guitar with a GK-3 pickup) and a Roland GR20 or GR55 pedal and an amp. This is truly a no bullshit piece of gear. You can believe every video that they have put out with the different artists playing with it. Here it is with Midi recorded straight out of the sound hole using my iPhone. No amps no fancy microphone.”

Ed Miller 5stars

“The ToneWoodAmp just makes me wanna play all day. Love the way it makes my guitar sound”

Andy McKee 5stars

“I think it is the single best product add on for the acoustic guitar that I’ve ever encountered.
My favorite thing about it is that you can record with it and you don’t have to add any reverb that might affect the noise floor of the room you’re in. So all the small pops and squeaks–even an arm brushing the top of the guitar–that you hear on a natural acoustic recording aren’t affected. It’s a sound that hasn’t ever been heard before, truly.”
Composer and Guitarist

Kakki King 5stars

“I just wanted to let you know I recorded this tribute to Prince yesterday using my new ToneWoodAmp.
I recorded it with only my iPhone. In the past, I would have had to record the audio with my zoom recorder, mix it in logic to add reverb, and re-sync it to the video.
To be able to just sit down and play something into my phone and post it immediately is a game changer for me.”

Jesse Cook 5stars

“I’ve been practicing a lot with this recently, it makes writing so much more immersive and fun.
The most exciting acoustic guitar accessory since the capo.
The ToneWoodAmp is genuinely my favourite guitar accessory ever.”

Mike Dawes 5stars

I just picked up one today for my AE guitar. It really does change your guitar experience. I was especially pleased to find that the device was smaller and lighter than I thought it would be.

Vincent Franklin

I have not played my Taylor without it since I first tried it….Lush and sexy sound pure and simple…..No learning curve…….

Mike Fleming

We are in a definite watershed moment with gear: Class D transistors, Neodymium Speakers, Juicy DSP power, lightweight PA systems… the Tonewood Amp is definitely part of that watershed moment: it's something players have dreamed of, but which they probably never really anticipated or thought of in terms of practical design. Luckily [and conveniently], the R & D guys, the inventors, are creating both technologically and musically advanced gear. I'm not a salesman for Tonewood, but considering the tons of money players invest as they pursue tone [especially acoustic guitar tone], the Tonewood is a wake-up call: major bang-for-the-buck, and the reduction of the practical need for a sound man [for the average, gigging player]. I genuinely dig the manner in which notes bloom from this unit, the way the sonic envelope opens, resonates, inspires.

Eric Kaplan

I love mine!!! It has opend up new musical textures and sounds that willl change the way you play.

Bruce porter

My wife got me a Tonewood amp for Christmas and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it the last couple of days. I picked my Rainsong P-12 as the first guitar to try it on since it’s my couch and travel guitar. I also wanted to see if the effects would bring out the P-12 to make it sound like a bigger, fuller bodied guitar. Nealry all Parlors seem to tend toward a touch of boxy sounding especially if you do some vigorous strumming.

For setup, I was hoping to only have to adjust the input level or gain levels and not have to use the notch filters which seemed kind of complicated. My P-12 has an onboard Fishman UST system with EQ and I started with the Tonewood at its default master gain at 50% and the guitar’s volume at 0. I then slowly raised the guitar volume but every time I got feedback. So I took the opposite approach and set the guitar volume at 50% and put the master gain on the Tonewood down to 5%. And that worked great. I get a good volume level and all the effects work great with no hint of feedback.

And the effect is what I thought it would be. In addition to adding richness and lushness to the tone, it seems to make this smaller bodied guitar bloom into sounding like a GC or GA sized guitar. No issues installing the X-brace since this carbon guitar has no internal braces and I think the concept of the amp is a good match with carbon fiber construction.

Happy so far and looking forward to exploring more what the Tonewood amp can do.

Nice ‘advert’ for this nifty and ingenious little device featuring talented player, Mike Dawes, who tours with the Moody Blues… #AmpWithoutAnAmp

Erwin Colon

I bought one for my son for Christmas last year, and he hasn’t put it down. It really took his playing to a new level. I don’t play at all but I can tell you it’s been worth every penny I spent!

Chris perry

I absolutely love it… Best invention since sliced bread…Tonewood-Amp

Auston fielding

It even made my Martin sound better,…my MARTIN! I'm currently the proud owner of two units, one on my PRS Angelus, and now one on my Martin. To be honest, I don't play without one anymore, it adds that much 😜

Cid Newman

I love using the cello's or orchestra's on the Sampletank App with my Tonewood-Amp. They add so much depth to my songs along with a little reverb and delay or the plate, hall and room reverb by itself. it is a wonderful tool to use. It has revolutionized my solo and duo sound when I play with my buddy. The man who invented this should be give an award. The best thing to come around for a acoustic's since they started making acoustic/electrics.

Jeffrey D. Metcalfe