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ToneWoodAmp has been in the media on numerous occasions, check our what they all have to say about our amazing inovative product!
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Acoustic Guitar: The Truly Acoustic, Acoustic Guitar ToneWoodAmp

The revolutionary ToneWoodAmp (TWA) is a combination acoustic effect generator, DI box, and IOS interface. It gives you the ability to play acoustically and to create effects—effects that up until now were only easily available through a pickup and an extensive collection of pedals.


PremierGuitar Demo

Premier Guitar: SNAMM ’17 – ToneWood Amps ToneWood Demo

“So inspiring … it’s out of this world”

Guitar Player and ToneWoodAmp

Guitar Player: The ToneWoodAmp is the coolest acoustic-oriented guitar gizmo

I wasn’t prepared for the glory that burst forth from its soundhole, the ToneWoodAmp is the coolest acoustic-oriented guitar gizmo I’ve encountered in eons.

Guitar World Platinum Award

Guitar World: A truly revolutionary product that completely redefines the meaning of “unplugged”

I’ve reviewed guitar products for more than 25 years, and during that period I’ve encountered only a handful of products designed for acoustic guitar that were truly innovative.


ToneWoodAmp Review - DownBeat Magazine

DownBeat: ToneWoodAmp Thinking Inside The Box

”The ToneWoodAmp is a totally unique concept. Webman’s vision to use a guitar body as an amplifier offers guitarists a brand new playing experience.”

ToneWoodAmp TLC

Techcrunch: The ToneWoodAmp Blows Amplified Sound Out Of Your Guitar’s Sound Hole

Are you ready to amp up your acoustic guitar to the MAXXXX? The ToneWoodAmp has got you covered…


ToneWoodAmp GizMag

Gizmag: ToneWoodAmp pushes digital effects through an acoustic guitar’s body

Acoustic players looking to augment the natural sound of their guitars with live effects may well have to succumb to a world of cables, amps and stomps to do so. Ofer and Helene Webman have developed the ToneWoodAmp – or Twamp for short …


ToneWoodAmp GuitarCom Cool New Acoustic Guitar “Amp” Attaches Right to the Guitar

Check out this cool new gadget: The ToneWood-Amp is a device that attaches to the back of your acoustic guitar and provides you awesome effects such as reverb and echo, without having to plug into an amp. The ToneWood works with any acoustic guitar fitted with a…


ToneWoodAmp Treehugger

Treehugger: This gadget makes acoustic guitars sound electrifying without using an external amp

ToneWood-Amp allows acoustic guitar players to easily add effects to their sound, with no external speaker, using just the body of the instrument itself…


ToneWoodAmp Guitar Noize Tonewood-Amp – an innovative effect processor for acoustic guitar

The Tonewood-Amp is a very interesting product that was well received at Summer NAMM 2014…


ToneWoodAmp Guitarify ToneWoodAmp – Acoustic FX without pedals or amp

This is a rather clever idea. The TonewoodAmp is a device that allows acoustic players to add the type of sounds, usually only available by plugging in to a chain of FX pedals and then an amp…


ToneWoodAmp Discchord The ToneWood-Amp

I just scooped every guitar site out there! ToneWood-Amp is a new amplifier for acoustic guitars, designed to extend the range of sounds produced by the body…


ToneWoodAmp OC Weekly

O.C.Weekly: NAMM 2015:10 Things We Learned

That’s a wrap on NAMM 2015…