Kickstarter-Backed ToneWoodAmp Now Available to General Public

ToneWoodAmp Racks Up Two Major Awards
For Its Groundbreaking Acoustic Guitar Device

Now Available to General Public

Acoustic Guitar Accessory Provides Unplugged Effects


Phoenix, Arizona, Nov. 14, 2016 – ToneWoodAmp, the cutting edge device that attaches to the back of any acoustic guitar and allows guitarists to easily add effects without the use of an external speaker or amp, announced today it has received two prestigious industry awards from a pair of the top guitar publications in the world.

The ToneWoodAmp was featured in the December 2016 issue of Guitar World where it received the magazine’s highest product honor, the Platinum Award for Excellence. In awarding the ToneWoodAmp the honor, the magazine emphasized the device’s true innovation and “cool” factor.


“The ToneWoodAmp is a truly revolutionary product that completely redefines the meaning of ‘unplugged’ by providing incredibly cool effects processing that are amplified by the acoustic guitar itself,” wrote Guitar World’s Chris Gill.

Additionally this month, the ToneWoodAmp was selected as an Editor’s Pick from Guitar Player magazine. Product reviewer Jimmy Leslie reported his usual skepticism was instantly wiped out once he began using the ToneWoodAmp.


“I wasn’t prepared for the glory that burst forth from its soundhole,” wrote Leslie. “The ToneWoodAmp is the coolest acoustic-oriented guitar gizmo I’ve encountered in eons.”

The ToneWoodAmp attaches to an acoustic guitar using a unique magnetic/suction hybrid system called the Magnetic-X-Brace. The install takes minutes, requires no tools, and does not damage the guitar. Since its introduction on Kickstarter, the device has thrilled both amatuer and professional musicians around the world.


“We’ve been hearing from musicians everywhere we go that they love how the ToneWoodAmp enhances their playing experience, but it’s gratifying to receive accolades from the top guitar magazines in the country,” says Ofer Webman, president of HONZ Technologies and inventor of the ToneWoodAmp.

The ToneWoodAmp is available on the company’s website at and at select music retailers around the country.


About ToneWoodAmp (HONZ Technologies LLC)

Originally funded on Kickstarter in 2014, ToneWoodAmp (By HONZ Technologies LLC) is the original inventor and design firm who created the ToneWoodAmp (patented technology), a device for acoustic guitars that enable acoustic guitar players to easily add effects like reverb, delay and tremolo to their acoustic guitar without the use of an external speaker or amp. The ToneWoodAmp is available to purchase at


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