Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner

Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
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Magnetic Series:

 Digital clip tuners have been on the market for quite a while, but not much has changed since they were invented. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes they have one thing in common: a bulky clip that in most cases is bigger than the tuner itself. Clipped onto the headstock, they are obtrusive, an eyesore during performances, and pain to transport because they need to be removed when placing the instrument in its gig bag or case.

How is the Cling On Tuner different?

Instead of a clip, the Cling On Tuner is equipped with a very small yet super-powerful rare-earth magnet. It will cling on directly to most metal tuning machines for a quick tuning on-the-go.  But, for most convenient, compact and versatile mounting options, each tuner comes with a mini magnetic base (the size of a dime) that can be attached anywhere on the instrument, giving you the freedom to place the tuner virtually anywhere you want. The Cling-On Tuner demonstrates the perfect balance between outstanding functionality and elegant design.

key advantages:


DISCREET - It's the WORLD'S ONLY tuner truly hidden out of sight. If you attach it behind the headstock, your audience won't know you've had it on throughout your whole performance. 

CONVENIENT - It's always there when you need it. In most cases, you can leave it on your instrument when placing the instrument in its case. That means less of a chance to lose it or break it. 

QUICK and EASY attachment. It's all thanks to our patented magnetic design that allows the tuner to attach and detach in a snap.


Based on 479 reviews

I absolutely LOVE my new ToneWoodAmp! It is so simple to install - the online tutorials are clear and easy to follow. I was blown away by the sound and variety of effects available. I’ve used it in small gatherings at home and plugged it in to large auditorium systems. It has so multiplied the sound potential of my simple acoustic guitar all without altering or harming the physical integrity of the guitar. I wish I had heard about this years ago!

Cooler than the other side of the pillow

The tonewood amp is cooler than the other side of the pillow.


I’m still in the Learning curve, but I am totally in awe.
I am hearing the acoustic sounds I’ve heard in my mind for years. As the title states, this little amp is unbelievable. It adds effects without altering the guitars natural tones. Glad I finally stepped up and bought the TWA.

Absolutely amazing

Very happy with the tonewoodamp. Love the atmosphere that soround the sound of my acustic guitar!!!


Offers enhanced sound and volume without interfering with playing. The brace mounts solidly and holds the unit in place without being encumbering. No damage to guitar and removable.

Rob’s Riveting Reviews

Makes acoustic guitar playing brand new again love it !


I am really enjoying my new ToneWoodAmp. It has taken a while to get MY sound. When I toned down the reverb to my liking and increased the volume the sound is amazing. I haven’t plugged it into an acoustic amp yet, but I look forward to it.

Great Amp!

The effects on the Tonewood Amp are fantastic! The enhancement of the natural wood sound from my guitar blew me away with how live and present the device makes everything sound.

Super cool

I really don’t see me playing my acoustic without it. This is really cool. It adds a depth to my playing that I love.

Bet you didn’t know this about it….

I just got it. Set some tab sheets on the cage my wife’s snake (a rubber boa, which is an actual snake) lives in and played a while in tremolo mode. Then I realized it was driving the snake crazy. It was animated, reaching for the top of the cage, clearly affected. (It’s usually real docile.) So if you always wanted to be a snake charmer but can’t play the flute, get yourself one of these!

Fun clever design

Love the sound it is capable of making and the various ways to find the sound you want. Only small complaint, and it's my problem not theirs, is that i did not find it easy to install. Paid a local music shop to install it. But having a blast with it.

ToneWood Amp!!!

The ToneWood Amp is the great tool for acoustic guitar, since the acoustic guitar!!!
Adam Werner

Very efficient


Add flavor and resonance without amplification

The ToneWoodAmp (TWA) adds the great feel of increased resonance in any guitar through the various effects generated by this device. I’m using the TWA on a Breedlove, slim body acoustic Carvin and a Grand Bouche gypsy jazz guitar. Yes it works on the slightly curved back of the gypsy jazz guitar (placed it on the upper back bout which is bit flatter). Each guitar must have the effects (gain and volume primarily) set and placed into memory so that you’ll be able use the TWA on any guitar with ease. I’ve known about the TWA at 4 years past and was going to borrow a friends but decided to get my own. Glad that I have my own now, really enjoying my acoustic guitars with the TWA.


This was the best this I've ever purchased for my guitar, well built and is just amazing all around

Works Great

The X-Brace was easy to install and works very well.


Love it adss an extra experience to guitar playing

New pads

Just as described. Now better link between Tonewoodamp and guitar this better sounding effects. Less feedback. Lower gain levels needed.


I can write about it, but trying for yourself is what it's all about.. Too much fun and it opened up my creativity big time...


It feels like cheating, but it works phenomenally. I recommend for the slower songs and to get the reverb feeling from your favorite acoustic songs. It was the missing piece in the musical puzzle. I'll use "sparingly" all the time, while I work on my chops. It's essential, but so is technique. Very addicting and worthwhile.


I really like it. I also ordered the extra X brace so I can mount it in my 3/4 fender I take when we travel. This is a must for all acoustic guitar players.

Everything As Advertised, And More

I am very pleased and happy with the Tonewood amp. It is well worth the money. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as it is hard to judge from watching the online videos. But once I got through a bit of trouble with the install, it was fun to hear how it sounded. I have 3 Martin guitars, and I am ordering an additional X-brace for one of my older guitars. Dave Paulson

I tried out an acoustic amp—but like the Tonewood better

I tried out an acoustic amp with effects and found I prefer the Tonewood amp running through my Peavey KB 60 keyboard amp much better. This amp like has a very clean sound. I also found I like the sound through my Alto Uber portable PA too.

New guitar !

I am excited to have a second guitar to use with my tonewood amp. I have not played or practiced without it since the day I bought it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Tuner

I am really enjoying the new tuner. It is practical, bright, and easy to place anywhere.

Love it

I knew I’d love this baby the minute I saw it.
It is so much better then any other tuner I’ve tried (Snark, D’Adarrio, etc) it holds tightly to any metal surface or you can use the included stick on adapter. The display is big and bright. Only one suggestion: make it a “plug in.” Must get rid of any battery power…it’s almost 2022!!
Thank you,
Robert Dubin, MD
Venice, FL

No reading glasses required

I’m really enjoying my new magnetic tuner. I have four Taylors that I circulate through on a regular basis. I have been using the tiny clip-in-the-hole tuners for a couple years. They were okay, but I’m much happier after adding the optional magnets between my winders. The Magnetic Tuner remains firmly in place and I don’t need reading glasses for tuning. You can attach the Magnetic Tuner to the back of any winder, but the magnets obviously make the connection more secure.

Great gear!

Just wish I had more money!

Three thumbs up

Finally a tuner that works, isn’t clunky, and looks good and can be tucked away! I love it. Also pleased with the way the whole screen turns from red to green when you get it right.