Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner

Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
Cling On Tuner© Magnetic Guitar Tuner
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Magnetic Series:

 Digital clip tuners have been on the market for quite a while, but not much has changed since they were invented. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes they have one thing in common: a bulky clip that in most cases is bigger than the tuner itself. Clipped onto the headstock, they are obtrusive, an eyesore during performances, and pain to transport because they need to be removed when placing the instrument in its gig bag or case.

How is the Cling On Tuner different?

Instead of a clip, the Cling On Tuner is equipped with a very small yet super-powerful rare-earth magnet. It will cling on directly to most metal tuning machines for a quick tuning on-the-go.  But, for most convenient, compact and versatile mounting options, each tuner comes with a mini magnetic base (the size of a dime) that can be attached anywhere on the instrument, giving you the freedom to place the tuner virtually anywhere you want. The Cling-On Tuner demonstrates the perfect balance between outstanding functionality and elegant design.

key advantages:


DISCREET - It's the WORLD'S ONLY tuner truly hidden out of sight. If you attach it behind the headstock, your audience won't know you've had it on throughout your whole performance. 

CONVENIENT - It's always there when you need it. In most cases, you can leave it on your instrument when placing the instrument in its case. That means less of a chance to lose it or break it. 

QUICK and EASY attachment. It's all thanks to our patented magnetic design that allows the tuner to attach and detach in a snap.


Based on 396 reviews

The TWA has motivated me to keep learning and progressing as a musician.

Easy to install and sounds darn good.

I have been playing guitar not very well but good for around the campfire stuff, So this Tone Wood is going to be great. it adds just that extra tone, sound for example CCRs "Born On The Bayou" sounds great. Very happy with the Product would recommend to anyone.

Magnetic bases for Cling On Tuner

Works great!!

I absolutely love it!

Haven't gotten to play with this much, but so far it is amazing. Am very excited about it.

Wow--- are you kidding?

Use Midi Guitar 2 and a few of the AU enabled apps that show up inside Midi guitar 2 app (to send midi signal to) and then have the same cable bring that sound/patch back into the guitar to mix inside the acoustic chamber along with the effects Tonewood is applying to your acoustic already. VERY NICE!!

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar ($219 with code!)

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar ($219 with code!)

Buying Another One

Gave one to my Son he loved it Sooooo I’m buying myself one

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar ($219 with code!)

Fun and Innovative

A great product for the acoustic guitar lover. It has been extremely fun to explore the unique tones created by the ToneWoodAmp.


My husband has wanted this amp for quite some time so it was the perfect Christmas gift. He loved everything about it - the easy installation, the amazing sound, the excellent support/online videos. If you are thinking you might want one of these - do it! You will be so happy you did! THANKS ToneWood for helping me knock it out of the park with this gift this year!

best little gadget ever for acoustic guitar

definitely the best device for someone like myself that has little patience for fiddling with effects pedals and amplifier buttons. This is perfect ... no fuss no cord to drag around ....having loads of fun since i received mine

Scary goodness!

Only been using it for about a week but it gives my guitar a truly haunting tonal quality. Well done!

My husband loves it!

My husband is a very talented guitarist and he's played around with all sorts of gear across different types of guitars. I wanted to gift him something that he would really enjoy. From the moment he unboxed the set for Christmas, he has used the Tonewood Amp every day. He often remarks on just how cool and novel the product is. Thank you for creating such a marvelous musical tool.

You will bever like your guitar again! (Without Tonewood amp) ;-)

Love it, wish I had it when I was a kid. It’s so inspiring and fun. Love it, and can’t play the guitar without it now LOL.

What took me so long?

I don't know what took me so long to finally buy a Tonewood Amp! Simply put, it's a gamechanger. If you are on the fence about it, my advice is to buy one. Right now. As in, now. Immediately. This is exactly what you were looking for. Why are you still reading this?? Add to cart and buy it!


Amazing product. Bought for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loved it

Christmas present

He seems quite excited about this gift and says it is exactly what he hoped for.

Gift for my 48 year old son!

His wife suggested the ToneWoodAmp to me at his request. It was a gift. He opened it today and thinks it’s wonderful!

Amp collecting dust

I have not plugged in my practice amp since attaching my ToneWoodAmp!

Additional X-Brace

Great Tech!

Absolutely pleased with my purchase. Thanks a bunch for creating this tech!

Wayne Gretzky of Amps

Unreal. Amazing. Love it.

Tonewood amp is an awesome addition

The new tonewood amp is an awesome addition to my gibson j45.......could never imagine hearing the multitude of effects that little box will make. Highly recommended.....lots to learn about it!

Customer Reviews

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Love it

I knew I’d love this baby the minute I saw it.
It is so much better then any other tuner I’ve tried (Snark, D’Adarrio, etc) it holds tightly to any metal surface or you can use the included stick on adapter. The display is big and bright. Only one suggestion: make it a “plug in.” Must get rid of any battery power…it’s almost 2022!!
Thank you,
Robert Dubin, MD
Venice, FL

No reading glasses required

I’m really enjoying my new magnetic tuner. I have four Taylors that I circulate through on a regular basis. I have been using the tiny clip-in-the-hole tuners for a couple years. They were okay, but I’m much happier after adding the optional magnets between my winders. The Magnetic Tuner remains firmly in place and I don’t need reading glasses for tuning. You can attach the Magnetic Tuner to the back of any winder, but the magnets obviously make the connection more secure.

Great gear!

Just wish I had more money!

Three thumbs up

Finally a tuner that works, isn’t clunky, and looks good and can be tucked away! I love it. Also pleased with the way the whole screen turns from red to green when you get it right.


I like it. Great gadget, not bulky and clear display. Keeps my guitar well tuned.