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A New Experience in Acoustic Guitar Playing

After researching Tonewood Amp for quite sometime , I finally made the move and purchased one. I was not disappointed. The sounds coming from my guitar are astounding. The promotional videos were right when they said that you will find yourself playing more often and being more creative. I love my Tonewood Amp and everyone who hears me play are amazed that it is coming directly from my guitar and not an attached amplifier.

Tonewood Amp Fixed

Thanks for fixing the issue. Glad to have it back. Also, I appreciated the prompt response. Good working with you.


Great job. Unit works great now

On Time and as Advertised

Everything came as I requested.

Amazing Quality!

Fast delivery and it's working very well! im really happy with it 👍👍👍👍👍👍 !
easy to install when you follow the instructions
i also like it that you don't need an amplifier or microphone. VERY nice!
greetings Joep (Holland)


Wow! And that’s the listeners opinion! My Martin sounds great and fills the room in a totally different way! It’s not just an amp, the ‘presence’ is uncanny but in a great way! A lot of FUN for everyone!

Excellent service and prompt service!

They provided excellent service and were very concerned with me being satisfied with the product! I now love it and love the sound!

Very nice

I love the plate reverb and the way my playing comes right out of the sound hole!
At $250, you can't go wrong. I will be using the Tone Wood to do some direct in recording, as well as placing a mic in front, however; just to sit and play...it's inspiring and makes even the simplest playing sound wonderful!


Decided to take the dive into the device. So glad I did.


I think the Tonewood amp is fantastic. I’m still playing with all the settings.

Great sound in a small box

I am quite impressed with the sound that this machine produces. I have tried it in a number of different guitars with great results. It does, however, make quite evident the differences between guitars based on construction and wood used. It does have quite a range of adjustments (which I am trying to learn) to compensate. I look forward to the time I can get it set for use in several guitars with just the touch of a button. It has truly been a worthwhile deal.


So far I like it , still working thou the effects but so far so good !!

RMA Product Replacement

Fantastic !!!!!

This toneWoodAmp it’s excelente
I love toneWoodAmp I use it on both of my guitars and it sounds great! Thank you !

Fun to play different tones.

Just a guy with his guitars

Great addition to the family

It’s completely changed the way I play!

I love it. Simple and to the point.

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar


Had the board replaced and works just like brand new. Works GREAT!!!

Satisfied with the product.


My curiosity was piqued when I saw the first advertisement, looked at the price, and thought “No Way” am I willing to spend that much $$$$ for the nice guitars I have. I did get an open box model for my Martin OM-1GT. WOW! And I thought how many more can I get forgiveness for purchasing? Then I read the last part of the ad and realized I could use the one unit I have and buy more X-magnets for my other guitars! These are good guys and not money grabbers.

Great product

Great quality and super service!!

The ToneWoodAmp is a game-changer!

I lead a weekly home group, a Christian community that meets for relationship, prayer, and worship. As I lead worship, the ToneWoodAmp is a beautiful and noticeable addition that took the group’s singing to another level. The added dimensions of reverb, chorus, delay, etc., encourages a creativity in my playing that’s not present without the effects. I give TWA 10 STARS! Worth every penny!

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RMA Product Replacement