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Fixed my Tonewood amp fast

My Tonewood Amp came back much faster than I expected. Works perfect again. Very impressed!

Love It

It is the best thing I have ever bought for my acoustic guitar. I don’t know that I will ever know all that it will do. I love it.

The amp has got me wanting to play more. Still figuring out settings and all, but so far, I like it.

Tonewood Amp on Rainsong Carbon Guitar

I installed the Tonewood Amp in my new Rainsong Shorty. I have not tried the Tonewood on any other guitar so have no comparison But it sounds absolutely magical on the Rainsong guitar. The carbon fiber does amazing job responding to the transducer in the Tonewood. It is loud, sensitive, articulate. It is actually stunning how good it sounds.

If anyone is thinking about getting a Tonewood for their carbon fiber guitar……don’t hesitate, it is a perfect combination. I am loving the Tonewood.

I plan to upload a video using a condenser microphone soon.

Great customer service!!!

The Tonewood team has great customer service and my Tonewood Amp was repaired quickly. Special shout-out to Nick! I’m now back to making music on my Tonewood!

Tonewood amp review

Easy install and setup. Started exploring sounds in minutes and really cool. My playing has changed in many ways with the new sound. No amp, no cables, pick up the acoustic, power up and play. Really really really love it. Hoping a blue tooth foot pedal is in the future, could be amazing!!!

Best thing for acoustic guitar since strings.

The Tonewood amp is just beyond words. The way it transforms an acoustic guitar is just incredible. The effects are extremely useful and sound fantastic. I bought enough X braces to use my Tonewood amp with every one of my acoustic guitars, including my classical guitar. I’ll never play acoustic again without it.

ToneWood Amp SOLO

I followed the instructions - and watched the video on Youtube. Fairly simple installation on my D-28, I have been playing it daily since and really enjoy the effects, especially the chorus, but I have spent some time with all of them because I play a wide variety of music. I have recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so. What a great idea! Thanks

Transforms the experience completely

Adding X-brace

The longer I have had my tone wood amp, the more X braces I install in my guitars, giving me the flexibility to use the tonewood on everything. Recently bought a pickup for my classical guitar and added an X brace so that I could enjoy the tonewood effects on that guitar as well. The product shipped and arrived faster than promised.

Second purchase

I loved my ToneWood Amp so much that I purchased a second X-brace for my Taylor guitar. The sound is amazing. I find myself playing my guitars more often thanks to ToneWood Amp.


Excellent Packaging and fast delivery !
It’s a gift for my Son In Law !

Just what I needed!

Additional x-brace for an additional guitar. Now I can use my tonewood amp on either one of my guitars.


I love the ToneWoodAmp! It’s added so much to my playing and expression through my guitar!

Makes practicing a whole lot more enjoyable

Once I played around with settings a bit I was able to add more enjoyment to my playing

amazing piece of equipment every acoustic player should have

Love My Tonewood Amp

I received my amp when expected and followed the online video directions for installation. I am a “middling” player. This amp makes my playing sound so much better that I am playing more everyday and getting better as I do! I highly recommend it!

Day and night

Wow, just WOW! It has completely transformed the sound of my old guitar. I had stopped playing because of the dull, flat sound, but now it's given me a whole new dimension of sound that's incredibly inspiring.

Great amp

I have fun playing my guitar with it on. It makes a big difference.

Tonewood Customer Service

I have been very pleased with not only the Tonewood amp but the customer service.


I love it perfect for small venues


Love this unit! I used it at a live gig recently and the response by musicians and non-musicians was overwhelming.

I posted 2 videos on social media that have received nearly 1,000 views. 5 people so far have told me they're going to buy one.

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Could not be more satisfied.

OK, so I received my new ToneWood Amp and while it seemed to work the display was not functioning and you could not control it. A call to the factory and two days later I had my replacement unit. They could not have provided better service. And I love it. I thought it might be hard to install. It was easy. I thought it would be complicated to operate. It is easy. I thought it might make a small improvement in the sound of my Taylor 314CE. It is such a huge difference. It is like playing through an effects loop except it is all coming from the guitar. It has the capability to alter the way you play, and how good you sound. Buy it!