TENAVOLTS Lithium Rechargeable AA Battery, 4 Count with charger

TENAVOLTS Lithium Rechargeable AA Battery, 4 Count with charger
TENAVOLTS Lithium Rechargeable AA Battery, 4 Count with charger
TENAVOLTS Lithium Rechargeable AA Battery, 4 Count with charger
TENAVOLTS Lithium Rechargeable AA Battery, 4 Count with charger

TENAVOLTS Lithium Rechargeable AA Battery, 4 Count with charger

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Our most recommended batteries are now available to purchase directly from ToneWoodAmp!

Increase your play time, and decrease your charge time. Tenavolts will outperform standard alkaline and most other rechargeable batteries.

  • High power capacity: Includes TENAVOLTS AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) pre-charged, up to 2775 mWh.1
  • 1.8 hours to fully recharge: Get a full charge in 1.8 hours. Faster than Traditional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries needed 3 hours to charge fully
  • Constant voltage and stable performance: TENAVOLTS rechargeable lithium batteries are far superior in charge retention and longevity. Equipped with innovative technology, Tenavolts outputs 1.5 voltage from 100% to 0% electric capacity and provide constant voltage and the best performance in heavy load discharge
  • Wide usage: 4 AA high-capacity rechargeable batteries are great for use in your household devices, such as digital cameras, insulin pumps, toys, remote controls, flashlights, and portable audio players
  • Long-lasting batteries, less waste: Tenavolts can be recharged in 1,000 cycles. For environmentally conscious, rechargeable batteries are more economical and better than regular batteries for the environment. Since discarded batteries are terrible for the environment


Based on 551 reviews
Amazing Device

Amazing effects, I love it. Takes a while (and is fun) to explore the various settings. I apply the amp on both a Martin D-41 and Guild F-512. Fully recommended! It took less than 5 days to ship it from AZ to Germany, wow. What I am slightly missing is info on software updates.

Extra magnet

Very helpful assistance
Love this tonewood amp!


All good and like new.

You People are Great!

Support is the best. It was painless.

Amazing sound, just buy it.

Amazing sound, just buy it. I first saw this online a few years ago. Was amazed by the sound on my own guitar. Only regret I should have bought it a few years back when I first saw it.


I got my Tonewood amp installed on my Taylor 414 all I can say is wow. What an incredible sound I taped it to my Takamine 12 string now I’m going to get a extra x brace for that guitar also

Replacement Suction Pads (Set of 4)


I think it's fantastic, I think.... I only had it a few days, LOVED IT! Then I offered to let my oldest son take it home to try it out. Between him & his younger brother I haven't seen it for over a week! (I actually suggested they both try it out) It's so amazing I want everybody to experience it!

The real deal.

I was very pleased with this product. Very easy to install. It's perfect. I highly recommend.

Playing with a guitar!

I can’t say I play a guitar. But play with a guitar!
I am 65 years old and alone with my dog, I play with a guitar for arthritis in my hands, and peace of mine.
I enjoy it and it fun, the ToneWoodAmp motivates me to play more and it makes playing more fun, I can’t ask for to much more, if you enjoy playing guitar. with the ToneWoodAmp you will enjoy it more and have more fun doing it. ENJOY 😊.


If you have more than one guitar you need more than one X-brace!

Great accessory

ToneWood Amp is a lot of fun and does a great job without the hassle of a standard amp! And Nick will do whatever it takes to help you with whatever!! I recommend it strongly!

New sounds for my acoustic guitars

This was an easy to install product and it’s given me hours of pleasure so far trying out my. Favorite songs with new dimensions. For the simple pleasure of trying new things this is a winner. I am using a takamine and also a Taylor. Thank you!

Works great, awesome product

Like Mike said in the video : "when you try playing with tonewood, you will never want to play without it!" Love it!

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Great amp, great experience

I purchase a Tonewood Amp because of the reputation for quality and performance. It is a well-deserved reputation. I'm using the Amp with a Cordoba guitar, and it's a great addition to have. Precise, customizable, perfect performance.

Awesome product

I can't stop using it , great invention

You guys are great thanks for your support.

Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

great product……great customer care!

can not play without it.

I (bravely, could have been foolish) to put a pickup and equalizer into my $800 acoustic guitar and it works great. Tonal possibilities are endless and even when used subtly puts depth in with out being intrusive. I love it and now have two, one for my other guitar that is dadgad tuned. thanks


Love it! Very convenient and not hard to set up and everything I want in acoustical effects.

ma veille Tackamine sonne encore plus!!

Great sound my old Tack is like a pro guitar!!!

Great product

I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I actually used the Fishman pickup I installed on my Taylor acoustic more than five years ago. I play purely on a recreational basis, in a very small den, and found that the effort to store and hook up an effects processor, amp and speaker offset any enjoyment gained. The ToneWoodAmp has completely reversed that for me. It takes up nearly zero space, is incredibly easy to set up and remove, and most importantly offers a great range of fantastic sounding and extremely versatile effects. I couldn't be happier with this very reasonably priced investment!


At first I was kind of skeptical of what it would actually sound like. I am more than happy with this product. Sound is incredible. Have problems putting my guitar down.

Open Box Special! ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Yes l'm very please with my TonewoodAmp thank you Nick for the help

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