ToneWoodAmp - Accessories

Find essential accessories you may need with your ToneWoodAmp.

Technician free* pickups for Acoustic guitars without existing electronics. 

Fishman Neo-D Humbucking pickup for Steel-string Acoustic and Kremona NG-1 Tie-Bar Piezo pickup for Nylon classical guitar. 
*Technician-free means that you will be able to install, connect, test and use this pickup with no help from a guitar tech. If you want to wire the pickup through the end-pin, we recommend having a professional do this.

ToneCare provides peace of mind. It is our Premium Accidental Damage Service and Repair coverage that kicks in the day you receive your ToneWoodAmp and covers repair or replacement of your ToneWoodAmp after our standard one-year manufacturer warranty has expired.