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I can write about it, but trying for yourself is what it's all about.. Too much fun and it opened up my creativity big time...


It feels like cheating, but it works phenomenally. I recommend for the slower songs and to get the reverb feeling from your favorite acoustic songs. It was the missing piece in the musical puzzle. I'll use "sparingly" all the time, while I work on my chops. It's essential, but so is technique. Very addicting and worthwhile.


I really like it. I also ordered the extra X brace so I can mount it in my 3/4 fender I take when we travel. This is a must for all acoustic guitar players.

Everything As Advertised, And More

I am very pleased and happy with the Tonewood amp. It is well worth the money. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as it is hard to judge from watching the online videos. But once I got through a bit of trouble with the install, it was fun to hear how it sounded. I have 3 Martin guitars, and I am ordering an additional X-brace for one of my older guitars. Dave Paulson

I tried out an acoustic amp—but like the Tonewood better

I tried out an acoustic amp with effects and found I prefer the Tonewood amp running through my Peavey KB 60 keyboard amp much better. This amp like has a very clean sound. I also found I like the sound through my Alto Uber portable PA too.

New guitar !

I am excited to have a second guitar to use with my tonewood amp. I have not played or practiced without it since the day I bought it.


These replacement suction pads are really affordable considering you get 4! While i did have a bit of trouble getting the adhesive from the old pads off using 70% rubbing alcohol, I ended up using Goof Off wipes instead that took the adhesive right off. New Pads work like a DREAM!

Nice pads

Got exactly what was needed

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Listen to your friends

My friend Mikey bought one of these and sent me the link to listen to what it does. One of the best investments I have bought yet. Tonewood amps are bringing campfires singalongs into a whole different level.


Absolutely love it! I always hated carrying a big amp around when I got to play. This makes life much easier and sounds awesome. I went back and forth on getting one for about a year, but its worth it. Highly reccommend


Great product. Sounds great. Easy to install. Fast delivery. Very happy. 👍

Love love love it

I use it every night on my Taylor 614 CE Florentine, was pretty disappointed though when I ended up having to pay in USD and shipping and Customs. Total cost in CDN for everything came in around 580.00. Not sure if it’s worth that to be honest but I use it every night.

Love my Tonewood Amp!

Good stuff here! Love the sound!

Slightly curved back

I play a Taylor that had a slightly curved back making contact of the sound port on the tonewood to the guitar less than adequate. Still, a very good product. Maybe you could find a way to make a more seated adapter.


Hav'n some fun with it right now, just making noise I've never had

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

I've been playing acoustic since the 80': small coffee houses, bookstores, and gatherings. The ToneWood Amp is an interesting little gadget. I'm still trying to figure out adjustments of sounds. It will be great not to carry around an amp anymore. Now to find a Mic that would work the same way. Nice product. I'm glad I invested in it. Thank you


Pull 3 strings out of the way and bam! Installed

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

ToneWoodAmp is the GREATEST

Could not wait for my package. When it came I immediately installed it on my guitar. Outstanding product. Use it all the time. Great service

I was suprised

Do be honest it was way better than I expected my god. I watched Mike Dawes and Alexandr Misko use it and I thought my guitar would get the same effects and sound just as good. And yes it did. Was this AMP worth it? without a question! Unsure if it will be just as useful for strummers, but as for a fingerstyle player this fits right in your alley. Its worth the full price if you play guitar often, but if you don't I suggest waiting for a sale incase you are unsure to buy it. And yes it can sound like an electric guitar.

It works as advertised

Not too hard to install and no damage to guitar
Very cool effects do work without plugging in to pedals/Amp
I use often when just jamming but don’t know yet if it would work playing out without a floor amp or PA for volume
Need more information on setting up for different genre’s of music for amateur players


This is a disruptive technology. It's a real breakthrough. The effects possibilities are virtually endless. Plus, it's just plain fun! Thanks, ToneWood Amp folks!

TWA x-braces

I now have the capability to switch the tone wood amp between 5 guitars and now have the amp set up for all five.
I have a little number sticker on the back of the headstock of those guitars, so I can remember which program coincides with which guitar.
Love the amp, I’ve had mine since 2016. Updated the amp to lose the distortion and really like the chorus as a replacement.

I’m in love ! So small and sounds so awesome