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Very good customer service and a willingness to help.

Worth It!

its nice to have when your looking for a simple easy set up for those couch jams.
Love it!

Very cool effects

I installed my Tonewood on a Takemine G series 6 string which I gig with two three times a week. Although I am still learning all the controls, the sounds that it produces are amazing. My only issue so far is not so much with the Tonewood but trying to keep my guitars electronics from turning off after ten minutes or so of being on. From what I understand and have seen, without the guitars electronics on the amp will not function like it should.


This is been a game changer, I can't put my guitar down any more. I just love the ToneWoodAmp device.

Sounds Great

Easy to install. It adds to the hollow box sound.

Ordered Replacement Suction Pads.

I ordered replacements, Everything was smooth. Happy Satisfied Customer. Service from Tonewood is STELLAR !

Great accessory

Makes it easy to swap your Tonewood over to all your other guitars.

Great little additions…

With having a second Harmony guitar at the “summer” house, the extra X brace was a great little addition. Now it a simple swap of the tonewood amp instead of dragging a guitar across the world!!!

The addition of a few sticky dots was a kind gesture and well needed!

Thank you Tonewood!

Great Sound

I am amazed at how it ads to the voice of the guitar! I am thoroughly pleased with it

Great little device.

Once I got it placed right, surprising. Installation was easy, did two guitars, and it sounds great.

It works perfectly on my new Orangewood

Shipping was fast. Since this is the 3rd X-brace I’ve installed it was a piece of cake. Now the Orangewood with a torrified top sounds beautiful.

Like it! Works as advertised!

Super fun and it truly works. I just love that delay, it's clean, clean, very natural sound. Amazingly easy to use, fits neatly in guitar case compartment. Do watch install and how to use videos, they help.
I had to set master gain to lowest possible setting (5), no problem though. Using a K&K Pure Mini on my Martin and that really cranks some signal.

Perfect for any guitarists arsenal

Definitely an amazing tool that should be in every guitarists arsenal.

Great device

The hardest part of my purchase of the tonewoodamp was not playing it for hours! It is a wonderful device

This Brings Guitar Playing to a Whole New Level!

I love the ToneWood Amp! The effects it produces sound amazing, plus within each effect you can tweak different aspects to get the perfect sound. This is an excellent on the go gadget because you don't need an amp! Set-up is relatively simple and so is navigation of the amp. This is a great product and what's more it's made in the USA! To put the cherry on top it came with a really cool sticker! Love it. I would definitely recommend this product.


Çà prendrais un centre se service au quebec les frais de livraison sont excessif le service apres vente est excellent merci tonewoodamp ,good job

Extra X- Braces

Awesome, easy to install. Love the set up.👍

Tonewood amp

Simply Works amazing can't put the guitar down really enhances your playing I recommend watching a video on how to set it up so you can properly adjust the gain to eliminate feedback for your type of guitar after that you're ready to play sounds amazing hopefully they will add a Looper into it and then they will have the best made product on the market

Tonewood bundle

I could not be any happier with this amp. It takes a little bit to get used to and setting up but the results are Fantastic. So glad I got the extra X- Braces for my Taylor 414ce, D-15 Martin and my J-15 Gibson. They all sound Awesome. Thank's Tonewood amps.

Love it

Very easy to install. The instructions and videos for the Tonewood Amp are easy to understand. The sound is awesome.


So far so good

A New Wave of Creativity

A friend showed me the Tonewood Amp a year ago. I recently was desiring to down size my rig and watched all of the YouTube videos and decided to order one.
After installing it in my Washburn I can't put it down!
It's a sonic pleasure to hear the effects come from the guitar instead of an amp at my feet.
I have found myself enjoying my existing songs and have been creating new ones now with this inspiring sound experience.
Wish I hadn't waited so long to get this and I have talked it up with friends that play.

Tone Wood product review

love the performance and it was somewhat easy to install..The one thing that would help save 2 minutes is to supply a sheet of instructions with photos to support installation

Simple to set up and use...wonderful product!!

Great product use it for outdoors gigs