STRONG MAGNET WARNING: Do not use the ToneWoodAmp if you have a pacemaker. Keep X-Brace away from magnetic hard drives.

Welcome To ToneWoodAmp

Ready to play? You’re minutes away from a whole new world of sound.

First THING!

Preamps & PICKUPS

Check the side of your guitar and inside the soundhole for a preamp. If you don’t have a preamp, skip this section!

1. If you do have a preamp, make sure your battery is fresh.

2. If you purchased a pickup from us in place of a preamp, watch its coordinating Install video:

Nylon Stringed Guitars: KNA Pickup

Steel Stringed Guitars: Fishman Pickup

Let's Install

Watch this easy-to-follow 10-minute guide on installation and basic operation:

  • Helpful Timestamps:
  • 00:46 Everything you will need.
  • 02:23 Positioning the TWA.
  • 03:28 Prepping for first-time use: EQ, volume settings, pickup.
  • 03:59 Master Gain—very important! Avoid clipping/distortion.
  • 04:55 Final TWA positioning
  • 05:12 Installing the X-Brace
  • 09:01 Batteries & charge.
  • 09:28 Removing the TWA.

want more? Dive deeper

An in-depth review of the ToneWoodAmp’s features: knobs, buttons, parameters, notch filters, saving presets and more.

  • Helpful Timestamps:
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:45 Discovering the ToneWoodAmp
  • 02:06 What is the ToneWoodAmp?
  • 04:08 Rechargeable Power
  • 04:53 Features Overview
  • 09:26 Parameters
  • 10:53 Amplitude & Gain Staging
  • 11:51 Notch Filters & Saving
  • 13:08 Overview

New To Effects?

In our Effects for Strummies video series, ToneWoodAmp artist (and legendary fun guy) Connor Thomas demos everything the ToneWoodAmp has to offer. You'll learn about all its effects, and how to modify and adjust each one to perfection.

Need Help? We Are Support Fanatics!

If you have any issue with the device, or the experience isn’t what you expected, please contact us first and give us the opportunity to make it right.