Update Manual

Begin Update

Run the ToneWoodAmp update on your chosen operating system.

Click "START" to begin the update.

Switch Your ToneWoodAmp ON

On the side of your ToneWoodAmp, use the On/Off button to power on your device.

Confirm USB Connection

Do confirm that you are using a suitable USB cable.

Click Next when you are ready to continue with the update.

Choose Your Update

You can update the ToneWoodAmp firmware or add new Effects.

Make your selection and click Next.

Firmware Update

Confirm that you want to update the ToneWoodAmp firmware.

Click "Yes" to continue.

Effects Update

You can replace or add new effects, restore factory effects and or settings.

Make a selection, and click "Yes" when ready.

Hold The Effects Knob

Press and hold the effects knob to begin the device communication, and update process.

Release Knob

Then release the knob to begin the update process.


The ToneWoodAmp Update is complete.

Un-Plug your device, and click "Quit".

Check our help and support page if you need more help, or you may create a support ticket if needed.