ToneWoodAmp "Sunny AZ" Men's T-shirt

ToneWoodAmp "Sunny AZ" Men's T-shirt
ToneWoodAmp "Sunny AZ" Men's T-shirt
ToneWoodAmp "Sunny AZ" Men's T-shirt
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X bar can become dislodged when unit is not attached, effects are not that impressive ...

F'ing awesome!!!

I've been curious for years but I try to be very financially responsible. This year when I got my Tax-refund I decided to pull the trigger and treat myself because of the open box special. When it arrived I immediatley installed it. Way easier than I thought. and after 20ish minutes I had it dialed in perfectly. So many awesome effects but the delay is my favorite. I'm really looking forward to getting my next acoustic and another x-brace to move it back and forth between the two. Lit a fire under me I didn't know I had left in me.

Bought an additional x brace so I can switch between two guitars onstage

I no longer play guitar without my ToneWood Amp. I ordered an additional x brace and installed it on a second guitar. I can now switch guitars onstage in 5 seconds or so. The Tonewood Amp is attached to whichever guitar I am playing. Both guitars sound so much better just using a mic rather than plugging the guitars into amplifiers. The sound of my TWD enhanced guitars is helping me to reach the next level in performance and songwriting.. I exclusively use Tenavolt rechargeable batteries. Tenavolts put out 2.1vdc when fully charged. This is a noticeable difference in the TWD Amp performance. Be sure to peel off the blue plastic wrappers on the Tenavolts, so they fit into the Tonewood Amp...

Great product and would recommend it to any musician


Absolutely love it what a brilliant idea way to go!!

Tons of fun

This amp is very fun to explore. Huge variations available. To combine or use single effects. It gives my Taylor a very nice voicing options. It’s a keeper!!

X brace

Amazing as all my x brace i have !! Thank you so mutch ☺️☺️

Amazing sound

I was skeptical, but now im very impressed !!
I want this on all my stringed instruments

Window replacement

Swift and convenient service. Also, nice folks to work with.

Awesome products that really boost performance!

The repair or replacement is nicely done. Works like it used to .Thank you.

Pleased with the sound

The effects are great. Haven’t had time to try it all yet but so far so good.

Great tool

Luv this device.. I use it on three different guitars… sounds really nice with the takamine, gibson or martin!!!

Love it!

Got one for my hubby for Christmas and helped my dad get set up with one for himself! Game changer!

What A Game Changer

My ToneWood arrived quickly. Very easy set up. Adds so many tone options to my guitar. I have been playing around with it daily. I haven’t even mate it through a fraction of all the variations it provides. Very happy with this device and how in enhances each song. It will take me a year to get through all the possibilities this device provides. And with the Fishman pickup, does not cause and permanent changes to my guitar. Nice job ToneWood!

I love it!

It took some time getting it setup properly, but it was worth it. I love it so much I got an extra brace for my other acoustic.


I love it. Actually recorded with it and it sounds great.

So far so good!

I've been very pleased at the performance of the ToneWood Amp, which I've installed on my Taylor 415R. The reverb effects are quite amazing, and I hope to tune them in over time. I'll probably add another magnetic brace to my Cordoba guitar - it does not seem to be quite as dramatic with nylon strings, but I've not installed it permanently as of yet.

Great Amp by Great People

The TWA is amazing. It does everything I need it to do. There was a slight issue brought on by USPS and the Great people at TWA took care of me the whole way through. Would highly recommend this product and company to anyone.

Get a great “ Two Fers”..

I’ve one Amp/Xbrace for my Martin. Just got a new Taylor, AND one Brace. So, now, two great Acoustics with superior sound. How many guitars do you need to Amp up?

ToneWoodAmp SOLO + Pickup for Non-Electric Guitars?

Got these for our grown sons for Christmas and they LOVED it!! Really makes a difference in the sound.

Rg Review

Excellent service, had it my and in a matter of a couple days. I use it on my 2nd guitar so I can switch over my TonewoodAmp.

Makes your guitar sound (almost) like Segovia’s Golden Jubilee album

I bought the TWA unit and nylon pickup as a bundle and am grateful that these were packaged neatly and arrived quickly. I also think the company’s customer service is thoughtful and responsive, which is definitely a plus. Perhaps the only main drawback, concerning the hardware, are the sharp edges around the back of the TWA unit. These can ding and scratch the guitar accidentally, if not careful. Future models should use soft silicone to cover all four edges, or at least have the edges rounded off to prevent scratches. I play a Cordoba C10 cedar top and bought this unit mainly for the hall reverb. Even though the reverb is an electronically generated sound, it is pleasant and natural sounding enough for someone who enjoys playing classical guitar as a hobby. The hall reverb reminds me of Andrés Segovia’s guitar sound from his Golden Jubilee album which he recorded in the stately Pythian Hall located in Manhattan, NY in the late 1950’s. That hall had a natural acoustic reverb that added a haunting and irresistible glow to Segovia’s guitar when he played pieces like The Old Castle by Mussorgsky or La Maja de Goya by Granados. Thanks to this innovative device, I can now enjoy hall reverb while playing guitar in the comfort of my own room! Although the artificial electric sound is still discernible (maybe 20%), it is enjoyable enough to make me want to play my guitar even more. I am hopeful, though, that technology will eventually close the gap so that over time, the hall reverb will sound COMPLETELY acoustic and natural in blind tests, even for hardcore classical guitarists. I imagine such a landmark breakthrough in audio technology will satisfy a strong and definite market demand. It is my hope that TWA will continue to innovate and ultimately create a reverb effect that is 100% acoustic, organic, and natural sounding. What a revolution that would be!

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On time Professional

Your instructions, organization, and shared information are very professional. Tks!