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Great Customer Service

Nick from Tonewood was a life saver! I needed new sticky pads for setting my Tonewood on my Martin and they for some reason don’t sell them on their website. So Nick sent me new sticky’s and new pads for the unit. Had them in a week to Guam. Best customer service I’ve recently. Ask for Nick!



ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Great Gift!

My daughter plays a Cordoba classical guitar. Bought this as a birthday gift. Fast shipping and nice packaging. Had a local guitar person install it for me, and now he wants one. Daughter loves it. She played with it at her lesson, and now her instructor wants one. Great product! Impressive.

Protection from the Tonewood!

Nice to refresh the bumpers. Wish they had replacement adhesive pads for the magnetic mount (moved unit to another guitar).

Took awhile to get it dialed in but now I’m in love

I originally tried this on my Taylor GTe Urban Ash, which is a mini version of the Grand Theatre. After a week or two of YouTube videos/ trial and error I still wasn’t getting the sound and effects that I’ve seen other people get. I’m not sure if it’s the small body size (I’ve seen people with the Tonewood on their Taylor minis so I figured I’d be good to go). It could have also been the C class bracing which is very asymmetrical, Taylor’s also have an arched back but I was making full contact with the cone and the side rails, or maybe I just never got the settings right. I was determined to make this work so two weeks later I grabbed some K&K piezo pickups for one of my older Fender acoustics (I don’t know the model number off the top of my head). I placed the tonewood where they tell you to put it on dreadnought guitars making sure the cone wasn’t sitting over the bracing…first try I was blown away with how full sounding the guitar and effects were! This guitar also has an arched back, but again I made sure I was making full contact. I have the gain set to 60 with zero feedback, and I also put one of those O-Port sound enhancers in the guitar which makes a noticeable difference with or without the tonewood on my guitar. I would 10/10 recommend this to any friend of mine, one of my co workers is about to pick one up. The ONLY bummer is that I’m already going to need to buy more of those rubber pads for the rails since I had to move it so many times on the first guitar. Whatever though, this thing is so much fun!

Replacement pads are great!

Super easy to replace, works like new again.

Very happily with your service, everything handled in a timely fashion. Thank you!

5 stars

Makes practice more fun

I’ve owned two,the first destroyed by leaking batteries. The newest version has better performance and features. Easy and fun to sculpt your sound, then capture with a mic or DI. I’ve got five guitars equipped with the magnetic brace and just switch presets and go!


I have a Taylor 814CE, I just didn't believe it could sound much better. The Tonewood actually takes the tone from a great guitar and uses it to make it sound deeper, even more resonance, a natural reverb. I use the Plate Reverb in concert through a Bose L1 PRO32 System, just the best sound I've been able to have.

Additional X-Brace for ToneWoodAmp for Acoustic Guitar

Great response and great service!

Thanks for a great product.

Goodbye porkpie hat

You can tell a difference thats for sure. Adds enough reverb and delay to put a little oomph in the flat acoustic sound. Great accompaniment for singer songwriters.

It's okay.

Works as advertised. Definitely recommend it for some one that entertains often.

Concert Hall in Your Home

I've really enjoyed tweaking my numbers to adjust to any songs. Blues to Jazz. It's tripled my skill level and I can hear it!

Easily transform my guitar

The X-brace allows me to easily transform my guitar into a musical masterpiece. I had already equipped one guitar with it and now I'm putting it into a second so that I can use my ToneWoodAmp with it as well. Way cool!

Great effects

The tone wood amp makes my guitars much more versatile and fun to play


Easy to install and sounds great.

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

About tonewoodamp

This is the best present I did for myself. The assembling process was quite easy and the quality of the sound was excelent. It is worthit to bay for every guitar player.

It does what is claimed

By itself it does what is claimed. Connected to an amp/speaker it really shines as a pedal substitute.

Great effects pedal for acoustic players!

I must admit that setup wasn't the usual plug and play like most guitar pedals, and I was determined to make it work (after reading a few negative reviews) -- found out that NOTCH FILTER is your friend, thanks to a wonderful and knowledgeable CS from Tonewood (Dave :))!! Once we fine-tuned the settings to my preference, it gave my (already beautiful sounding ) Martin that extra "oomph". I would recommend this pedal if you want to invest in creating new textural sounds for your guitar, plus have the patience to explore a new hardware interface.

Suction pads

Perfect item.
Ably draw back was that the price paid for x race and pads was almost trebled by the time it reached Ireland with shipping and customs control costs

Amazing creation tool

This thing is incredible. Not only does it provide an in the go amplification of natural sounds and effects, it has inspired so many styles to explore having the onboard features. An absolute must have for any musician.

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Board replacement - thumbs up

Left my batteries in too long resulting in acid leakage and board failure. Contacted customer support and they promptly set me up for a product return and repair. Received my ToneWood amp back in less than 2 weeks in perfect condition (better than what I sent?!). Great amp great customer service. Thanks Nick👍