OSX Download Manual

Download The Files

Download the Update utility by clicking the download link below.

Saving The File

The file open option is displayed.

Choose "Save File", and click "OK".

Allowing Download

Confirm that you want to download the update file.

Click "Allow" to continue.

Viewing Download

Click the indicated button, and view the download.

View In Finder

Click "View In Finder" to open the Downloads folder Spotlight (or your chosen Location). Or in Chrome press CMD + Space

Downloads Folder

To open the update, right click the file.

Open The Update

Choose the option "Open".


A warning message is displayed as the update is not registered with Apple.

To continue click "Open".

Update Your ToneWoodAmp

With the update utility started, and your ToneWoodAmp device correctly connected, you can start the update.

For more help and information, view the update manual.

Update Utility Manual