Windows Download Manual

Download The Files

Download the Update utility by clicking the download link below.

The download will begin, if not, please choose to save the file.

AntiVirus Software

In some cases, your virus protection software may prevent the update utility from running, or even delete it.
Here are some examples of how to enable the virus protection, and allow the Tonewood application to run:
AVG, Avast,Windows Defender,Norton
When the program opens, follow the directions on each page.
Do not plug in the USB until you are instructed to do so.

Locate Files

The new update file will be located within your Windows Downloads folder (Or selected location).

Open The File

Double click the downloaded Zip file.

Extract Files

With the Zip file open, click "Extract All" located in the ribbon bar.

Viewing Files

Extract the files to "C:\Tonewoodamp_update" (or a folder of your choice), check the option to view the files once extracted.

Start Utility

Once extracted, open the folder.

Double click "TonewoodUpdateForWindowsRelease.exe" to start the update utility.

Update Your ToneWoodAmp

With the update utility started, and your ToneWoodAmp device correctly connected, you can start the update.

Update Utility Manual