Replacement Suction Pads (Set of 4)

Replacement Suction Pads (Set of 4)
Replacement Suction Pads (Set of 4)
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Replacement set of 4 Microscopic Suction Pads.

Over time, the microscopic suction pads on the metal rails can wear down, especially if you can't go a day without using the TWA ;). If it's just a matter of dust, it is possible to wipe it with a damp cloth in order to refresh the pads and renew the grip and effectiveness. If that doesn't help, or the pads are already worn down, order this fresh double set (set of 4 pads).

How to install new pads:

Slowly peel the old pads off with your thumb, wipe the metal rails with a cloth using rubbing alcohol, dry, and then apply the new set of pads. Do not remove the clear protective liner on the pads until after the pads are fully installed. Now you can remove the liners on one or both of the pads. Replace as needed. 

Tips for longer life:

Leaving your ToneWoodAmp attached for long periods can flatten the pads as they are sandwiched between the magnetic rail and your guitar + X-brace. Removing the ToneWoodAmp periodically is recommended as it relieves any pressure applied to the Suction Pads. 

Twisting the ToneWoodAmp when removing will only cause damage to the suction liners. Be sure you are lifting off your ToneWoodAmp from one end and allowing the TWA to separate from your guitar. 



Based on 681 reviews
Game changer!

I always enjoy the sounds I can get plugged into an amp, but the hassle of lugging around an amp, effects and cables is a pain! Now I can get the sounds I want through Tonewood amp. An amazing piece of kit and a total game changer!

Great Device!

There are days that I am excited to get home just to try out how I might play this song or that on a different setting, trying to refine the best sound. The effects are just great. Highly recommended!


So fun. I find myself playing my Eastman with the ToneWood amp more than my Martin or Taylor..

Tonewood on 12 string guitar

The amp adds much depth and sounds to my Gibson 12 string. Love it. You need to come up with a case for the amp. Won’t fit in guitar case.

One of many happy guitar players!

The Tonewood acoustic amplifier/ processor is a must have for any acoustic guitar player. Professional or casual player will enjoy using it. Important to watch the videos on the Tonewood website on how to install and setup. It is fairly easy and quick if you follow the video. Watching the videos on the different effects and settings and how to use them helped me an enjoy the Tonewood faster.

Great Product

I give the Tonewood amp a five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating based upon the innovation of the product. I use it on my classical guitar and the variety of sounds are beyond great.

TWA Fixed

Thank you for the RMA board replacement. You product rocks and you customer service is wonderful. Thank you.

Delighted with my ToneWoodAmp

Great product! Plug it in and feel the inspiration and ideas flow. Very happy with the device and the staff!

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Outstanding quality!

Easy to install, with very helpful videos!

Love this thing!

I especially like the chorus feature. My 6-string sounds like a 12-string and my 12-string is surreal. Very happy!

New Tones

I purchased two of these, one for my sons birthday and one for my birthday. My son has installed the unit following the one line guide and video which .are the process easy peasy. Adjusted the gain as directed and very impressed with the sound. He is excited to work through Ll the possibilities with this new amp. I unfortunately took my new guitar into a Luthier for some work and have not been able to connect my tonewood up as of yet so I am living vicariously through my sons videos he shares. Hopefully I will get my guitar back next week..

Tone wood Board Replacement

Awesome customer support and quick turn around!

Extra brace

Buying an extra brace allows me to use the amp on either my 6 string or 12 string. If you think a 12 string sounds great, try one with a Tonewood.

tonewood amazing

lita so fun too use i find myself crewting new stuf rather then judt playing covers i love it


I already loved the tone of my Takamine Koa as it was. The Tonewood added so many new layers it’s beyond my expectations. It’s still new to me so I haven’t fully explored it yet but I’m having a ball trying new settings.

Tonewood amp total amazement

Hello, as I have reviewed a lot of equipment over the years, I run sound, set up [a system for church service and have run few coffee houses I have seen and heard my fair share of bands and their equipment. I have several of my own name brand effects pedals, effects modules and processors, I installed the Tonewood amp into my Washburn D30S installed with a LR Baggs active pickup OMG totally great sound, Im speechless, it has reinvigerated my desire to play more often... thanks guys

Bought a 2nd one!

I’m just a novice guitar player but I bought a ToneWood Amp to experiment with on my learning journey. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased this 2nd one for my son who’s a very good guitarist. He loves it!

I had a Tonewood Amp installed on my Yamaha…almost 40 years old…the sound is incredible…just beginning lessons, and excitement is growing over the possibilities with this enhancement to produce such a rich sound

Great Addition

Very pleased with the TonewoodAmp. Saves me from having to lug my amp around anytime I play.
It does take a good deal amount of time to figure out all the settings, controls, etc. I'm still learning.

A new world of play

The Tonewood amp has opened a whole new world to my playing .

SOLO BUNDLE for Many or Any Guitars

Great little invention

Still learning how to use it to produce the sound I prefer.

Customer Reviews

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great service

Next to needing new suction Pads, I needed the rubber ring to be replaced. Sadly I couldn't order it in the webshop as a spare part. But the customer service was great, they added it to my order for suctions pads. And now I can use my tonewoodamp again. Thanks !!

Great Customer Service

Nick from Tonewood was a life saver! I needed new sticky pads for setting my Tonewood on my Martin and they for some reason don’t sell them on their website. So Nick sent me new sticky’s and new pads for the unit. Had them in a week to Guam. Best customer service I’ve recently. Ask for Nick!



Protection from the Tonewood!

Nice to refresh the bumpers. Wish they had replacement adhesive pads for the magnetic mount (moved unit to another guitar).

Replacement pads are great!

Super easy to replace, works like new again.

Suction pads

Perfect item.
Ably draw back was that the price paid for x race and pads was almost trebled by the time it reached Ireland with shipping and customs control costs