Fishman Neo-D for Steel Strings Guitars

Fishman Neo-D for Steel Strings Guitars
Fishman Neo-D for Steel Strings Guitars
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For Steel-string Acoustic Guitars WITHOUT an existing pickup.

Specially made by Fishman for the ToneWoodAmp with 24" length modified cable.

This is a hum-free, great-sounding acoustic pickup, features a passive design that fits into the soundhole of most steel-string flat-top acoustic guitars. Fishman uses a state-of-the-art magnetic field/coil structure on the Neo-D (similar to their acclaimed Rare Earth pickup), and its string balance is excellent, thanks to the unique arrangement of its neodymium magnets. Installation is a snap, and this reliable pickup sounds simply fantastic with the TonneWoodAmp and live.

The Neo-D is voiced specifically for instruments using bronze or phosphor bronze strings, an incredible value!


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Tone wood solo amp

Tone wood solo amp is so cool. It’s hard to believe I get all the awesome sounds from my guitar now.

Love it

I have several acoustic guitars and travel a lot. The tonewood makes it easier to have an amp when you can't drag one around with you.

Love My ToneWoodAmp

I am not a performing musician any longer but the ToneWoodAmp sounds very nice on my Taylor GC-8. Installing was a bit challenging and the extra weight on the guitar is off-putting a bit, but I’m glad that I got it!

Works in an Irish Bouzouki too!

I was excited to get the ToneWoodAmp for my Takamine accoustic. Fitting it was pretty easy, and setting up the correct levels took a bit of fiddling (Takamine have a powerful preamp in their excellent pickups) but afterwards it sounded truly extraordinary. I bought an extra X-brace, and wanted to see if I could fit it into my Trinity College Irish Bouzouki. I could only just get my hand inside the much smaller sound hole, but the X-brace went in and located just fine. The Trinity doesn't have a built in pickup, so I'm using a Schatten BM-1 PRO Passive piezo pickup stuck on the bridge. The output of the passive pickup is very different from the guitar with the powered internal preamp, so you need to set the master gain differently, but once it's correctly adjusted the ToneWoodAmp sounds fanatastic with the 'zook (and you can save the different set-up into the memory to quickly switch the amp between instruments.) The ToneWoodAmp adds so much to both instruments, it makes me want to play until my fingertips are sore. Totally worth the investment - I'd recommend to anyone!

Total Tonal Bliss

I’ve seen this for years now and wanted to try one. It’s amazing a piece of gear for any Acoustic musician to own. I’ve not yet even scratched the surface on what it’s capable of. I’m planning on using it live thru the line out to my small PA rig for those small intimate venues where I want the effect. It’s easy to adjust the gain, volume and parameters. I’m glad I am a Tonewood Owner.


I was amazed at the sound. Little effort to install once you watch the video. (Highly recommended) maybe twice. After watching the video it was a simple and quite fast. The tones are AMAZING. So thankful for the ad in FaceBook. You all are amazingly talented

Fantastic only recommendation is to have internal battery recharge on board. Eats batteries!

Quick and easy replacement

Everything went smoothly and best...quickly. My ToneWoodAmp works again!

Great customer service

The support representative was knowledgeable and helpful. The board shipped immediately and when I installed it, it worked perfectly. I have 5 guitars that have the X-Brace and the Tonewood Amp is the cornerstone of my music journey.

X bar can become dislodged when unit is not attached, effects are not that impressive ...

F'ing awesome!!!

I've been curious for years but I try to be very financially responsible. This year when I got my Tax-refund I decided to pull the trigger and treat myself because of the open box special. When it arrived I immediatley installed it. Way easier than I thought. and after 20ish minutes I had it dialed in perfectly. So many awesome effects but the delay is my favorite. I'm really looking forward to getting my next acoustic and another x-brace to move it back and forth between the two. Lit a fire under me I didn't know I had left in me.

Bought an additional x brace so I can switch between two guitars onstage

I no longer play guitar without my ToneWood Amp. I ordered an additional x brace and installed it on a second guitar. I can now switch guitars onstage in 5 seconds or so. The Tonewood Amp is attached to whichever guitar I am playing. Both guitars sound so much better just using a mic rather than plugging the guitars into amplifiers. The sound of my TWD enhanced guitars is helping me to reach the next level in performance and songwriting.. I exclusively use Tenavolt rechargeable batteries. Tenavolts put out 2.1vdc when fully charged. This is a noticeable difference in the TWD Amp performance. Be sure to peel off the blue plastic wrappers on the Tenavolts, so they fit into the Tonewood Amp...

Great product and would recommend it to any musician


Absolutely love it what a brilliant idea way to go!!

Tons of fun

This amp is very fun to explore. Huge variations available. To combine or use single effects. It gives my Taylor a very nice voicing options. It’s a keeper!!

X brace

Amazing as all my x brace i have !! Thank you so mutch ☺️☺️

Amazing sound

I was skeptical, but now im very impressed !!
I want this on all my stringed instruments

Window replacement

Swift and convenient service. Also, nice folks to work with.

Awesome products that really boost performance!

The repair or replacement is nicely done. Works like it used to .Thank you.

Pleased with the sound

The effects are great. Haven’t had time to try it all yet but so far so good.

Great tool

Luv this device.. I use it on three different guitars… sounds really nice with the takamine, gibson or martin!!!

Love it!

Got one for my hubby for Christmas and helped my dad get set up with one for himself! Game changer!

What A Game Changer

My ToneWood arrived quickly. Very easy set up. Adds so many tone options to my guitar. I have been playing around with it daily. I haven’t even mate it through a fraction of all the variations it provides. Very happy with this device and how in enhances each song. It will take me a year to get through all the possibilities this device provides. And with the Fishman pickup, does not cause and permanent changes to my guitar. Nice job ToneWood!

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Simple, Effective Pickup

I have purchased and am using two Neo-D pickups on separate vintage guitars in conjunction with a Tonewood Amp. They are well made, extremely simple, and super easy to install. With the Amp, the sound from both guitars is exceptional!

Great company!

Top notch customer service!

Works good. Sounds good.

Has a nice full sound. Will experiment using without the ToneWood plugging straight into amp.

Great sounding pickups

The pickup alone on my acoustic sounds amazing but paired with the tonewood amp it sounds even better! In love with both my tonewood amp and neo D pick up


Installed the Fishman Noe-d on my fifty year old Yamaha FG180, awesome sound through the Tonewood amp. I was having trouble installing the update and chorus on my amp, Nicolas in customer service was awesome, he always responded to all my questions promptly and help immensely with other guitars I have. Totally recommend the Tonewood amp and their customer service! Great company!