KNA NG-1 for Nylon Strings Guitars

KNA NG-1 for Nylon Strings Guitars
KNA NG-1 for Nylon Strings Guitars

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For Nylon-string Acoustic guitars WITHOUT an existing pickup. 

This KNA NG-1 tie-bar piezo pickup is specially made for the ToneWoodAmp with a custom length 1/8" to 1/4" patch cable.

This is a natural, detachable passive piezo pickup solution for non-electric nylon-string guitar. 

Encased in lightweight tonewood, NG-1 ensures the natural sound of your guitar without modification. The NG-1 installs safely and securely on the tie bar utilizing the tension of the strings. NG-1 comes complete with an 8 foot detachable, easily replaceable cable. When not in use, NG-1 may be left in place with no detriment to the instrument’s acoustic sound.


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Wonder Device

I love this thing! It’s perfect for me because I don’t always want to be amplified. This is just a perfect gizmo

Warning, read before you buy.

Warning, if you buy the ToneWood amp you will not get any sleep the night you receive it and blisters on your fingers will persist for days. I had been holding off on buying one of these for myself but my insistent gushing over how cool it is drove my wife crazy enough to get me one for my birthday. Love that woman!
All I can say is YES it lives up to all of the hype and it sounds absolutely beautiful. The inspiration factor of this little device is off the hook! I have found a good use for all of the effects including the Leslie, who woulda thought? The only effect I disliked was the overdrive and that was easily replaced by the Chorus effect with a flash update and man is that stunning. If your stuck in rut with your playing or your acoustic is getting sidelined by your Strat or Les Paul get one of these now! You will not regret it, your electrics may but you won't. Oh, and a note about the company.. I experienced a major USPS shipping issue with the first one they sent. The item made it from Phoenix to Philadelphia (60 miles from my house) in two days and there it vanished and is still missing 14 days later! My wife (a former postal worker) said the box probably got stuck behind an automated sorting machine at the distribution center but I maintain some postal worker is enjoying his ill gotten gain very much. Anyway, Dom in customer service quickly made everything right and sent another (via UPS) which I received promptly in 2 days! He even threw in some extra ToneWood swag with my order. Bravo Dom!
In closing, the company and the product are outstanding in every way, so stop reading this review and click the buy now button. You'll be glad you did.

Whole new landscape of cool music

So used to plugging my Electric guitar into my amp and Rocking Out to the core. Now I can play completely different with the Tonewoodamp with a whole new landscape of cool music with the Acoustic guitar. I have a hard time putting my guitar down, it is so addictive of all the different sounds you can experience. Wow!

Fucking awesome!!!!

The tonewood amp is absolutely awesome. I was a little stuck in playing the same stuff over, but this has already started making me drop back into those feels again. I'm not the greatest of players, but it definately makes you want to get creative, the sound just hits ya. I recommend taking the time to get the settings set up properly for your rig to get the best out of it. Great work from the team at tonewood. Love it. 😊


As usual

Works great!

ToneWoodAmp + Pickup BUNDLE for non-electric steel or nylon strings acoustic guitars

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Twice the fun!

I play several guitars, but my main two are a Taylor 2010 Spring Limited, all-mahogany Grand Concert size guitar and a Taylor 516CE with Mahogany neck, back and sides and Sitka Spruce top. It would have been a real problem to have had to choose which one to ToneWood-up if there had been only one X-Brace. Fortunately I got two X-Braces and the problem is solved.

I just love this thing!

Bob Hunt

I’m loving it!

Since receiving my ToneWoodAmp two weeks ago I can not stop playing. It's such a trip to pick up my guitar and get these amazing sounds without the need for an amp! I'm loving it!

Love it!!!

Now that I have th AMP, I dont want to play without it. It makes practicing even better! Beautiful sound.

Works great in my Martin.

Love the fact I can now rotate my Tonewood amp from my Taylor to the Martin… 5 stars on everything

Almost can’t play without it on now

This will be short and sweet. Buy one! You will not regret it.

Bob Hunt

Added a New Dimension to My Playing

The ambiance that this little magic box provides is just right for playing in intimate settings. The wide range of settings is fun to experiment with, allowing for selectively enhancing individual tunes as well as matching up with a particular guitar's tonality. I tend to forget it's clinging to my guitar's back, so it's unobtrusive. I like the Fishman Humbucking pickup too; warm sound and nice fit in my guitar's small sound hole. The package does exactly what TW said it would do - how refreshing! It has also refreshed my interest in practicing, which is something I've avoided too for too long.

Terrific Sound!

I had no idea what kind of sound and amplification to expect from ToneWoodAmp, but now, all I can say is "Wow!" I love it and I'm not tied to my amp when I want added effects from my guitar.

Not disappointed

The Tonewood Amp is everything I expected it to be and more. Plus it allows me to now make my non-electric guitar able to be run through my big amp. I wanted one for years and I am not disappointed with my purchase. Love it.

ToneWoodAmp SOLO for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Cette unité est super j'en profite au maximum et depuis que je l'ai je n'utilise pas mon ampli c'est rendu sérieux mais le son est merveilleux A+++

Oh...that sound

As I read and heard about the Tonewood Amp, I was fascinated. Ordered one after a friend got one and raved about it. I think the reaction that suits it best is giddiness. My Martin DR is straight up acoustic so I got the bundle with the pickup. From the moment I turned it on, I could not believe the sound coming from the front hole. Just awesome. Best advice is watch the videos BEFORE doing anything. Understanding the tech behind the TWA means you need to be mindful where it is placed on the back of your guitar. The videos are easy to understand and will guide you well. Trust me you will be glad you watched them. Then, fall in love with your acoustic again. Really, you will.


Since I play classical guitar I use the delay most. and it is magical to hear what sounds it makes. Thanks.


I was ill when the ToneWoodAmp arrived and it took me a few weeks to install it. The videos were excellent and detailed the installation process and the setup. Once I was ready to turn it own, all I can say is WOW!

Love the Tonewood Amp

If you have an acoustic-electric guitars out have to get one of these. You will love it!

Love the amp

Big hands in the guitar was only installation issue. After installing and going through the settings I absolutely love this product. Well worth the effort and reasonable pricing.

Tonewood Dulcimer

Built a dulcimer last month and installed a x bracket as I was building the instrument. What a wonderful sound using the ToneWood Amp!!

Great Product. Great Sevice!

i love the tonewood amp. The sound from my guitar sounds full. I purchase an extra brace to use on my other guitar I also love the tshirtthat I purchased. The amp came in a timely fashion and in great shape.

Can’t live without it

By far one of the best tools for songwriting. My favorite thing to do is find different objects to resonate these effects through. So far putting the tonewood amp on a cello while plugged into my guitar has been my favorite. Massive sound also resonates from an empty rack gear case by placing the amp on top. Endless fun!! Can’t wait to play live with these different innovations!! I’ve basically been a salesman showing and telling everyone I know!

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Love it

Would buy it again. Easy to install. Sounds great.